CyberFlix TV is a very popular online movie and television show streaming app for Android users. The app is available for free to download and use. Download Cyberflix apk now to start enjoying unlimited fun on your device.

CyberFlix Apk Download: It is 2021 finally, and in the past decade, the smartphone has become even smarter and powerful, that there’s almost nothing it can’t do. It serves as a phone, virtual assistant, computer, note, calendar, camera, and most of all, as a content consumption device. Thanks to the larger and better display, faster network chips, and a long list of apps that offers on-the-go media streaming services. Media portability is now possible.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO lead the movement, but these are all paid services. But as you would expect from Android, there are many alternatives to these platforms that will never charge you pennies to use. TeaTV is popular in this regard, but there’s also CyberFlix TV, which may not offer slightly better UI than TeaTV, but can easily beat competitions with its library of popular movies and TV shows.

What is CyberFlix TV?

CyberFlix TV is a third-party streaming application that features popular premium content that are only available on paid streaming services, or cable channels. It’s similar to the more popular TeaTV in most areas, except that CyberFlix Apk doesn’t have disabled features for free users. However, to request movies and TV shows, you will have to donate to the developers. CyberFlix TV also lacks features like Chromecast, but we don’t find it a really big deal as most smartphones now feature DLNA. And as a bonus, it is also supported by Amazon Firestick.

Note that CyberFlix does not host or upload the contents on its servers. It only acts as a search engine and browser of any available content online.

CyberFlix Apk – Features

Feature-wise, CyberFlix TV may not compete with other third-party streaming apps. But, its simplicity even more appetizing for people who don’t want things complicated. The following are the features of CyberFlix TV:

Simple, straightforward UI – The CyberFlix TV logo may look kind of amateurish, but once you launch the app, you will see how the developers made sure the experience will not be as ugly as the app’s logo. It’s straightforward, clean, and simple as with the TeaTV app. On top, there’s the hamburger icon which reveals more options, next to it is a drop-down menu where you can choose which category to see on the home page, then search icon, a star icon for Favorites, and a vertical three-dot icon where the Settings and Donate option is hidden. Below it is all the available movies and TV shows. And that’s pretty much it.

Download for offline – if you love traveling, but also want to have some media contents along the way, CyberFlix TV offers free download option. You can download content as far as your available storage is concerned.

TV Calendar – CyberFlix has a TV Calendar feature that shows all the television programs for specific dates. It includes popular shows such as Harley Quinn (2019), Late Night with Seth Meyers (2014), Blue’s Clues & You! (2019), and Grey’s Anatomy (2005).

Supports third-party video player – just like the TeaTV, CyberFlix TV also supports third-party video players. Only two for now. Aside from the native ExoPlayer, CyberFlix TV allows users to use VLC or MX Player for streaming content.

Subtitles with sizable fonts – CyberFlix also supports subtitles from various sources like OpenSubtitles, Subscene, SubHD, Makedie, and Zimuku. It’s also available in many languages, and the font is sizable. There is also an option to change the color of the font.

Content notification – since some of the series is on-going shows, CyberFlix Apk offers New Episode Notification to notify users when a new episode is now available. You can also adjust the frequency of auto episode search by up to 24 hours. There is also the same feature for movies called New Movie Release Notification. The app will notify users once a new movie is added to its library.

Download Cyberflix TV Apk Latest Version | CyberFlix For Android

File Name: CyberFlix_TV.apk

Version: 3.3.2

Size: 18 MB

How To Install CyberFlix TV Apk On Android Devices

Below are the step-by-step instructions that you need to follow in order to successfully install Cyberflix for Android phone.

  • Go to Settings > Security / Privacy.
  • Tap on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option to enable it.
  • As soon as you tap on it, a popup will appear for the action confirmation. Simple allow by taping on ‘Okay‘.
  • Now, download Cyberflix apk using the link provided in the article.
  • Once downloaded, click on it to open.
  • Then tap on ‘Install‘.
  • That’s it. Now the installation will be started and will be finished within a few minutes.

How to Download & Install CyberFlix TV on Firestick?

There are two ways to install CyberFlix TV on Amazon Firestick. The first method is by using the Downloader app, the last method by using ES File Explorer. But first, let’s enable Unknown sources.

  • From the Main Menu, scroll to hover over to Settings.
  • Under Settings, you will see many options. Just scroll again until you hover over My Fire TV option.
  • Click My Fire TV and look for Developer options.
  • Under Developer options, allow installation from Unknown sources. Just click Turn On whenever there’s a pop-up. Now return to the home screen.

Method 1 – Using Downloader

  • On the home screen, hover over the Search icon and type in Downloader. Choose the first one on the recommendation. Make sure the developer is
  • After installing the app, type the following link to the URL box: If it doesn’t work, look for alternative links that host a CyberFlix TV APK.
  • Just install the app once the download is finished, then click Done. This will take you back to the Downloader app. Click delete whenever there’s a pop-up (there will be two).
  • Return to device home screen and under “Your Apps & Channels”, click See All.
  • Scroll to the bottom and long click to select CyberFlix TV. Then drag the CyberFlix TV app to the top of your apps list and click to drop.

Method 2 – Using ES File Explorer

  1. Just download the ES File Explorer if you haven’t. Launch the app, and on the right, you will see lots of icons. Look for Downloader.
  2. On the following screen, click +New on the bottom. A small dialogue box will pop-up. When it does, just type in in the Path field. Just enter whatever name you want to call it. Click Download Now. Wait until it’s finished.
  3. Open the file, and install it if asked. There will be more prompt, just click Next or Install whenever asked.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

  • Is CyberFlix TV free?

Yes. CyberFlix TV is free to use and doesn’t require you to pay to enable certain features. However, to request a movie or TV shows, you will have to donate to the developers.

  • Which devices support CyberFlix TV?

Currently, CyberFlix TV will only work on Android-powered devices. This includes Android smartphones, Android TV Box, Android Smart TV, Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire Cube, KODI Android BOX, Android smartwatch (for its notification feature).

  • Is CyberFlix TV legal?

Yes. Just like TeaTV, CyberFlix TV doesn’t host or re-upload any media content on its server. It only acts as a search engine and browser of any available content online. CyberFlix TV just collects these contents in one place.

  • Is CyberFlix TV safe to use?

CyberFlix TV is safe to use as long as it came from a safe website. Also, we advise users to use a VPN when streaming and downloading content as these may come from illegal websites.


Android is one of the most popular operating systems today. Its open-source nature has helped with its current standing, especially that almost anyone interested can develop apps for Android OS. This active community of developers has given many options and alternatives to many apps and services. TeaTV and CyberFlix TV are just a few renditions of third-party streaming services, and there will be a lot more somewhere on the internet. We will continue looking for these alternatives, and give you tutorials are easier to understand.